Perkawanan Perempuan Menulis

A community of women writers initiated by Raisa Kamila (Aceh), Ruhaeni Intan Hasanah (Central Java), Amanatia Junda Solikhah (East Java), Armandhany (South Sulawesi), Maria Margareth R.F. (East Nusa Tenggara) and Astuti N. Kilwouw (North Maluku). Regardless of cultural and disciplinary background, these six writers explored the memories, trauma, change process, and voice of women during the transitional period between the New Order and the Reform era in their first publishing project, titled Tank Merah Muda. In the long run, the group envisions themselves as pioneers of a women writers forum outside of the mainstream Indonesian socio-cultural domain.

Instagram: @perempuanmenulis


Special Region of Yogyakarta & Central Java


Amanatia Junda Solikhah